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“As leaders in design and construction, it’s our responsibility to build a city that is sustainable, resilient, and progressive for all.”

They have developed an array of programs and projects that respond to the dynamic needs of 21st century urban life. Their work with Build It Back and the Eastside Coastal Resiliency project helps rebuild and protect vulnerable communities threatened by extreme weather events. Additionally, they’ve built 5 million square feet of sustainable space and they’re just getting started.

“The foundations we build support New York City’s cultural and economic success.”

DDC is committed to providing the highest quality civic services and solutions to enhance every community’s contribution to the City’s growth. These measures aren’t taken just for the few—they aim to ensure that every single neighborhood has the services and facilities it needs to flourish. The Design and Construction Excellence program engages firms with exceptional design expertise and implements innovative processes that ensure high quality buildings are delivered to communities across all five boroughs.