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As a not-for-profit firm, their mission is to mitigate global warming by creating a healthier, affordable and more sustainable built environment.

Community Environmental Center (CEC) is a leader in the burgeoning energy-efficiency field. Located in Queens, New York, but serving the entire New York Metropolitan Area, since 1994 CEC has been a major provider of construction and technical services for green buildings, and a proponent of green living and working conditions, especially for the neediest among us.

Indeed, CEC believes that the climate crisis is the determining circumstance of their time and that addressing the environmental impact of energy use is fundamental to their overall goal: establishing the environmental health of New York City. With dedication to the betterment of people’s lives, the skill acquired from nearly twenty years of practical experience making buildings energy efficient, and commitment to environmentally sound public policy, CEC strives daily to achieve that goal.

Key Numbers:

  • 15,909 units improved from 2009 to 2011
  • Each unit retrofitted prevents an estimated 2500 lbs CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually.
  • 19,886 tons of CO2 will be prevented annually from CEC’s 2009-2011 weatherization–equivalent to 3,537 cars off the road.
  • Each unit retrofitted reduces annual energy costs by an estimated $350. CEC’s 2009-2011 work will save an estimated $5.5 million annually.