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Taking Care of Lentol Garden

Taking Care of Lentol Garden

By Beatrice Chalkley with an introduction from Sustainability Coach, Fran Agnone.   On Monday, July 31,  Lentol Garden- a community garden located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn opened its gates to the families from PS 110 The Monitor School for a morning of planting, watering, and exploring.  While most families pass Lentol Garden as they go about their…

Planting Daffodils in City Sidewalk Tree Pits (and The Daffodil Project)

Planting Daffodils in City Sidewalk Tree Pits (and The Daffodil Project)

New York City’s The Daffodil Project is simply amazing.  It was founded in 2001 as a living memorial to September 11. This year, almost 7 MILLION free free bulbs were donated citywide to be planted in public places. It is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the city’s history. Here’s an except from their website as to… Read More

Lead Project Moving Forward

Lead Project Moving Forward

As you know from this past year of emails, workshops, events and educational material– North Brooklyn has an excess of lead in our soil. We are thankful to the Greenpoint Community Environmental Foundation who awarded us the grant and made all of our work possible.  As Allison Currier, NAG’s Environmental Community Organizer, ends her time with NAG, she’s… Read More

Catching the Action from Go Green! Brooklyn Festival

Catching the Action from Go Green! Brooklyn Festival

This year’s Go Green! Brooklyn Festival was a huge success. Our exhibitors, artists, and attendees were out in full – showing off their talents, interests, and volunteering efforts. McCarren Park was the perfect backdrop for our festival, as our vendors came together to showcase our amazing community on a beautiful Brooklyn afternoon. We attracted the… Read More