Bushwick Food Coop Photo

Official website: http://bushwickfoodcoop.org/

The Bushwick Food Coop has been serving the community locally sourced and organic foods since 2012. Their goal is to provide healthy, responsible, and reasonably priced foods, while supporting farmers and companies that grow and distribute food in an ethical and sustainable manner.

They’re supported primarily by their members who contribute a small amount of their time in exchange for large discounts on products. That being said, the coop strives to strengthen community bonds, so non-members are more than welcome to shop at prices that are still below those at most major grocery chains.

The Bushwick Food Coop is a member-owned cooperative grocery store that works to increase access to affordable, healthy, and responsibly-produced food in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. They are a true cooperative, democratically operated by their members. As a socially and environmentally-responsible organization, they strive to work with farms and businesses that are local, sustainable, fair-trade, organic and ethical, and to minimize the amount of waste they create by recycling and using products made from recycled materials. They believe that bringing their neighborhood together around good food can strengthen community bonds, promote economic and cultural diversity, and increase overall health in Bushwick.