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The site is for the burgeoning Transition Neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick.


Transition is an entirely volunteer-run grassroots movement to form resilient communities in the face of climate change and economic instability.Transition Towns started in the UK in 2005 and are now taking off around the world with more than 1,100 Transition groups in 44 countries. Now Transition Neighborhoods are springing up in big cities along the east coast for the first time.
The goal of Transition is to self-organize, map local resources, and determine community goals toward becoming more environmentally-friendly and self-sufficient. Some happy consequences of Transition movements in the past have been: decreased carbon footprint (one town now gets all of its power from its collectively owned solar panels), keeping more $$ in the community (by supporting local businesses, some towns have gone as far as using their own currency), resourcefulness in the time of disaster (knowing your neighbors and who can help how), and the greatest reward, according to many past participants: forming a solid community bond.