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Official website: http://www.nyrr.org/youth-and-schools 

It is the world’s premier community running organization, seeking to improve community health and well-being by championing a lifelong commitment to running.


Running takes your body, mind, and spirit to a better place. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward can make you healthier, happier, and more confident.

Like the starting horn at a race, they want to be the “Go!” that gets people running for life. At New York Road Runners, it is their goal to give everyone on the planet both a reason to run and the means and opportunity to keep running and never stop.

Over the past 55-plus years, they have grown from a local running club to a global champion of the running movement. They are the world’s premier community running organization, and their efforts and events serve all runners and active individuals, from beginners to professional athletes: the young, the elderly, and the underserved of all abilities.

They touch the lives of over 400,000 New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs, and runners around the world, through a wide variety of events and programs for people of all ages.

It is their unique nonprofit model, which teams contributions from corporate, foundation, and individual donors with earned income from their best-in-class events, that makes all their efforts possible.

Together with the help of all of NYRR’s members, supporters, participants, and partners, they’re working hard to fulfill their mission of giving all people everywhere a reason to run. Today, tomorrow, and for life.

Mighty Milers

Mighty Milers is a running program for kids of all fitness levels from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. It’s designed to get kids moving and prevent obesity and illness. Participation in Mighty Milers helps kids build their self-esteem, and learn to make and reach personal goals.

Over the course of a program cycle, children in Mighty Milers set goals to run and/or walk a certain distance and earn rewards for reaching milestones along the way.Mighty Milers is easy to implement, and has a flexible structure so you can tailor the program for the unique needs of your school and environment.

NYRR provides logistical, motivational and training support so that your staff members and/or adult volunteers can run the program at any school or community center.