Official website: https://bkrot.org/


BK ROT is a community-supported composting operation that generates year-round environmental jobs for local youth in Bushwick, Brooklyn. BK ROT youth earn stipends to collect organic waste from residents small businesses and community institutions by bike, and process the material at their two compost sites.

Their primary mission is to work at the intersection of the social and environmental injustices impacting youth of color from the neighborhood and the health of the community and larger ecosystem. BK ROT believes the fight against the systems that generate environmental destruction and social inequality must be community-led, and must empower those most affected by these crises.

They envision a city where the environmental progress made at the policy levels are inclusive of those most excluded from the current opportunities for meaningful environmental jobs. They see great potential for grassroots efforts at the neighborhood level to experiment with solutions climate change while creating genuine space and opportunity for youth to drive these efforts.