Bee burg food share

Save money on organic and local groceries by shopping with our Wholeshare group. The food share works with local farms and distributors to get access to fresh meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, dry and canned goods – all delivered right to our group in Brooklyn

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Wholeshare makes it easier to live a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle while saving money. Plus, Wholeshare offers thousands of products with the convenience of home delivery. Pretty great, huh? Here’s how it works.

Bee burg food share connects you with wholesalers who normally sell their products at big discounts to grocery stores and restaurants. Wholesalers generally have order minimums for delivery, which can make it difficult to shop from them as an individual or single household. That’s where they come in. The Wholeshare website makes it easy to shop as part of a group. Shopping as a group gives you more purchasing power and means you can meet the order minimums for wholesalers. Wholeshare gives you access to great savings and high-quality products by building a shopping community.

Here’s the nitty-gritty:


Step 1: You and your community – friends, family, and neighbors – form a group on Wholeshare. Groups are usually 5 to 50 people in size. Each member of your group has their own account and shops separately. Once the combined total of each member’s order reaches the wholesaler’s order minimum, the order goes through and they charge each person individually.


Step 2: They pool all your group members’ orders together and send your order off to the wholesalers.They fill and deliver your order. Your group’s order can be delivered to your home, community center, church, school, or anywhere you’d like.


Step 3: After the order is delivered, invite your group mates to pick up their share. Pick-ups are a great time to swap recipes, host a potluck, or catch up with friends!

Plus, here’s the kicker: in exchange for coordinating a pick-up, you earn a commission on your group’s order. Pretty sweet deal. Wholeshare offers a convenient, affordable way to live better by shopping with your community. On our site, you’ll find thousands of sustainable, eco-friendly products from brands you love, like Seventh Generation, KIND, Mrs. Meyer’s, ThinkBaby, and more.* Now’s the time to start shopping the way you’ve always wanted. Get started today.

* In New York and New England Bee burg food share also offers local organic produce, dairy, eggs, meats, and pantry items. They’re working hard to expand our food offerings to new regions.