Staying Warm Eco-Sustainably This Winter

The leaves have fallen, temperatures are frigid, and we’re bundled up in our heavy jackets. We’ve hit peak winter season and are curious as to how local residents and shop owners in Greenpoint and Williamsburg are keeping warm ~ eco-warm that is. Here’re a few tips from Frankie Guerrero, a local Greenpoint resident of 7 years who works in retail in Manhattan.

  • Drape those windows: There are a few inexpensive ways to insulate your home in the winter to prevent that cold from coming a-knocking. Start off by draping your windows with some thick, dark curtains. They’ll do a great job of insulating indoor warmth from outside weather, while also retaining heat. Frankie adds that, “I don’t like to spend a lot on my gas bill so doing stuff like draping windows does help keep the heat inside my apartment.”
  • Draft Guard your Doors: You might be surprised to find out just how much cold can sneak up on you from a small crack under your door. Roll a draft guard beneath it to shield yourself from winter winds and preserve your warmth. “I actually just place a rug right outside my door, and I place a rug inside my apartment. This reduces some of the air coming from the outside,” Frankie added.

  • Rugs and Carpets: Sure, you like your stylish hardwood floors, but you won’t like walking around on them on a cold winter morning. Throw down some rugs and carpets for the season — your toes will thank you later.
  • Close the door: Conserve heat for the rooms that need it, and close the doors to unused rooms. Not only will it help the block out potential cold pockets, it will also help conserve heat in more frequented areas of your house.
  • Socks and Slippers: If rolling out a rug or carpet isn’t your thing, make sure to invest in some warm socks and slippers. We protect our extremities from the cold outside, and it’s just as important inside when the cold sets in.

  • Grab some blankets: Nothing compares to the feeling of having a warm blanket to wrap yourself up within the winter. Put your coziest blanket on standby for those cold days and nights. “This might sound like you’re being cheap, but sometimes it’s the best feeling to be wrapped in your softest blanket while watching a good movie,” Frankie said.
  • Bundle Up: While it might be a no-brainer outside, dressing warm inside is one of the easiest ways to stay warm. Keep your favorite sweater on hand for those colder nights, and don’t hesitate to layer up if you have to.
  • Make sure heating vents are circulating properly: In order to make the most of your energy use, make sure all heaters are properly ventilated. Heat flows best through open space, so make sure to make some changes around the house if you need to in order to maximize warmth

  • Seal Up Your Home: Cold air can travel make its way through even the smallest slivers of space. Check your home for drafts or cracks and be sure to weatherstrip or recaulk if you find some.

  • Hot Water Bottles: Just like an ice pack in the winter, sometimes the simplest comforts offer the quickest relief. Grab a hot water bottle from your local pharmacy and heat up some water for a simple, yet comforting heat source to use while cozied up under layers of blankets.

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By Romey Louangvilay