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Checking In with the Sustainability Bloggers of P.S. 110

This fall at PS110K: The Monitor School, students spent Friday afternoons exploring the ideas of sustainability during Enrichment Classes. Eleven teachers took on exploring a topic that interested them. Matt Jensen, English as Second Language (ESL) teacher, led a class about the role that cats play in the city, during which they analyzed how city cats can be both a treasure and a nuisance to our communities.

And Science teacher Michele McLee explored the function of rain gardens in urban ecosystems.

One group of students took on documenting the process in the Bloggers for Green News Enrichment. In these meetings, students thought of environmental topics that mattered to them. They also documented the work of the other enrichment offerings in the building to share with a wider audience. Here are a few of the young bloggers explaining the process in their own words.

Students take a break from blogging to pose for a group portrait:

Mounir | 5th Grader

“Hi, my name is Mounir and I’m in the blogging enrichment. So we have been blogging and it is very fun. I’ve learned that you can express how you are feeling and what you want the people and the public to know on blogging. The first blog me and my partner wrote was about compost.”

Emma | 4th Grader

“My group was working on music activism. Their enrichment was working on music and how to inspire people through that. They made songs and poems to inspire people and their classmates. We also did one about the Green Flag that shows people how our school can help the environment.”

Brooke | 4th Grader

“Me and my partner Gabby blogged about an enrichment called Poetry and Art. And we blogged about trash being thrown into rivers and streets. And how trash cans in our neighborhood are getting full.”

Sofia | 5th Grader

“My group loved blogging with each other so much that we did a post on ourselves. We blogged about how much we love blogging!”

In early December, students shared their explorations and discoveries in a student assembly. Thanks to the dedicated work of staff organizing these classes and the curious minds of students, the Monitor School community is making critical connections to how we are all citizens responsible for creating a healthy and happy planet.

By Fran Agnone, Sustainability Coach with Various Student Bloggers