Green Flags for Our Eco-Schools!

By Olivia Carden with an introduction from Sustainability Coach, Fran Agnone

On Monday, May 15th students, staff and families from four Greenpoint schools received the Green Flag, the highest achievement possible in the Eco-Schools USA Program.

To celebrate students ran activity stations and families, staff and community partners gathered to support these students’ commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship at school and beyond.

For those of you who could not attend the event, 5th grader reporter Olivia Carden from P.S. 110 was on the scene to collect information. Olivia is a big part of why P.S. 110 got the Green Flag.

She is dedicated to helping students and grown-ups alike make the right choices when it comes to taking care of the Earth.

Olivia’s Report:

Our school, P.S. 110 just achieved the Green Flag! It is an amazing accomplishment! I was on the scene interviewing people. The first person I interviewed was Maya from P.S. 34. She ran a station about air quality at schools. She talked about cars and trucks idling outside of schools. And she said that some soaps are better to use than others. Isn’t that Interesting!

The second person I interviewed was Carolina from P.S. 31. She just completed Mission 1 in Waterbotics, a fun STEM afterschool program I am taking at P.S. 110. We build robots to succeed in various missions. In mission 1, the robot has to move across the water and save a human (a ping pong ball) and take it back to the other side.

The third person I interviewed was Benjamin Solotaire. He is the guy that answered my call to New York City Councilperson, Steven Levin’s office. I want Steven Levin to place more recycling bins in the neighborhood, especially in the parks. Don’t you think that is a good idea?

The fourth person I interviewed was Peter. Peter works to help protect the New York State Environment. We had a long talk. He was so tall that my neck was starting to hurt. He had a lot of ideas about what we can do to use less plastic.

I also sang with the P.S. 110 chorus. There were also lots of cookies and apples. There was even a “photo booth” with animal mask props.

I had so much fun at the Green Flag Ceremony. Next year in middle school, I’m going to try to achieve the Green Flag.

The receiving of the Green Flag means so much to these four Greenpoint schools, and also the communities that surround them! The strides that these children make to make eco-initiatives a part of their everyday lives is incredible.  We are so impressed by the dedication of these students and hope to have the neighborhoods around them feel this same dedication as we continue all of our green efforts. Congratulations to these schools!