Catching the Action from Go Green! Brooklyn Festival

This year’s Go Green! Brooklyn Festival was a huge success. Our exhibitors, artists, and attendees were out in full – showing off their talents, interests, and volunteering efforts.

McCarren Park was the perfect backdrop for our festival, as our vendors came together to showcase our amazing community on a beautiful Brooklyn afternoon. We attracted the attention of passers-by and were able to spread the word of going green, getting involved, and raising generations of eco-minded leaders – all while having a great time

From businesses to organizations, schools to artists, there was a plethora of information to be absorbed, fun to be had, and food and drink to be enjoyed amongst the community of Go-Greeners. We encourage all to follow our social media channels to catch up on everyone and everything involved in the festival and our year-round efforts as a green community!


By Romey Louangvilay