Eco Hero: Allison

Anyone who’s been to one of the Neighbors Allied for Good Growth’s (NAG) events will most likely hear the laughter of Allison Currier. Her infectious personality and bubbly smile will motivate anyone to get involved. That’s why we’re highlighting her as our Go Green BK’s eco-hero this week.

Allison is a native of the Bronx with a degree in environmental studies and a concentration in social justice and policy. It was during her studies when she discovered the harsh reality of environmental justice, environmental racism and other systems of oppression, and it fueled her passion for getting involved and making an impact.

Allison began seeking opportunities that would help her make an impact when she saw a job board posting for a position with NAG. During her interview, Allison felt like this was the opportunity she was looking for. “I really felt like this position was meant to be,” she said. “I connected with the women interviewing me and the qualifications matched me to a tee.”

Ever since then, Allison has been working hard to make North Brooklyn a greener and better place. She sees the leaders of the organization as an inspiration to her. And now that she’s a part of NAG, she’s proud to have a chance to use her skills to educate North Brooklyn about important issues, and she’s looking for new ways to engage with the community.


Currently, Allison and her team are focusing on environmental health and watching over the Superfund sites. Additionally, she and her team are working on a “Lead in Garden Soil” outreach program, which will inform Brooklynites of safe gardening practices.

But, Allison’s work doesn’t stop there. She also works with local restaurants in Greenpoint on their waste through audits, workshops, and informational material. And being the eco-hero that she is, Allison and her team are also launching a reusable takeout container pilot program.

When she’s not doing amazing work in the organization, Allison still focuses her efforts on making progress and working on other community projects. She also loves to grab a bite from some of her favorite local spots, which are Ana Maria Pizzaria, Oasis, Cafe Biba, and Sweetleaf coffee.

Want to support Allison and the entire NAG team in making North Brooklyn greener? Attend the NAG Gala on November 16 at 7 pm in the W Loft. Hear all about NAG’s successes and enjoy some great food and drinks! Get your ticket here.