Our friends over at Neighbors Allied for Good Growth originally published this on their website a few days ago about the new restaurant waste laws. It’s very informative for those who work in the hospitality industry, or for customers who are interested in learning how their food is disposed of. Click here for the original story or read below.


If you read our previous post about our Reduce Reuse Recycle Greenpoint project, you would have learned that the NYC commercial waste system needs an update.  There are a lot of unanswered questions with our commercial waste but the good news is, the city is slowly but surly implementing regulations to make positive change.

From the NYC Commercial Waste Disposal page:

Beginning July 19, 2016, certain, large New York City businesses will be required to separate their organic waste. If you are a stadium, manufacturer, wholesaler, or large hotel, check this link and learn more about the new composting requirements.

For all businesses, it is a law to post “easily visible recycling signs and provide clearly labeled recycling containers”.  The below images come from the NYC Dept of Sanitation.


Recycling Chart

Recycling Chart