News About Greenpoint Area Parks

Parks have been a hot topic in the North Brooklyn area recently. Just last week, the public learned that due to the herculean efforts of the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park (FBIP): The City has made a $100 million offer to Norm Brodsky to acquire the CitiStorage site for completing the promised Park.

In addition, the Greenpoint Williamsburg Youth Soccer League has also launched a petition, directed to Norm Brodsky, to turn the space into a park. You can sign the petition by clicking here.

And last month, Reid Wilson of New York Imby reported that a councilman advocated building of a two-block park over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Williamsburg. See below for details or click here to read the original story.


BQ Green, rendering by DLANDstudio

After former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in 2010, rejected plans to build a public park over a two-block span of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway between South 3rd and 5th streets in Williamsburg, Councilman Antonio Reynoso is re-proposing the project. Dubbed BQ Green, the $200 million project could potentially be incorporated into the city’s $2.265 billion budget for park capital spending, according to Gothamist.

As currently envisioned, a concrete platform would completely cover two blocks of the BQE, while partially covering the below-grade expressway one block in either direction. The part of South 4th Street that currently spans over the BQE would be reconstructed as parkland, and the existing green space lining the expressway will be revitalized. The proposal also includes a baseball diamond, a waterpark, and wooded and landscaped areas. DLANDstudio is behind the design of the 2010 proposal. The project is expected to be discussed before the city’s budget is adopted.

By Romey Louangvilay