Owner of the CitiStorage Site: Take the City’s Generous Offer Now

Bushwick Inlet Park

Thanks to the herculean efforts of the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park (FBIP): The City has made a $100 million offer to Norm Brodsky to acquire the CitiStorage site for completing the promised Park. However, the offer expires in 60 days! Now 54 days and counting.

According to the press release sent by FBIP, the City of New York will complete the City-promised 27-acre Bushwick Inlet Park.  At 8am on Friday, June 17th, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park will unveil a countdown banner at Bushwick Inlet Park (at Kent Ave and N14th Street in Greenpoint-Williamsburg Brooklyn) highlighting the remaining days of the City’s offer. Borough President Eric Adams will kick off the countdown, followed by other elected officials and BIP advocates who will mark the number of days left on the City’s hundred million dollar offer every morning through the beginning of August.

Norm Brodsky, the owner of this Northside Brooklyn property (a/k/a the CitiStorage Site) invested in the 1990’s in land that was planned and mapped as a park by the community and the City for 20 years and promised as such in the 2005 Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning resolution. By accepting the City’s offer he will be making a lasting contribution to his legacy in this community that will be remembered forever. Future generations will benefit from his acceptance of this deal and be able to enjoy this magnificent expanse of waterfront open space on the East River while he reaps a 2000% return on his initial investment in this land. Bushwick Inlet Park was specified in the 2005 rezoning resolution’s Environmental Impact Statement as remediation for our neighborhood’s massive rezoning and the influx of tens of thousands of new residents.

The de Blasio administration and the City have heard our community and embraced the will of the people by creating this major line-item in the fiscal year budget, and they are bolstering public trust by presenting this more-than-generous offer. We call on Norm Brodsky, a fellow member of our community to make this deal so all will benefit, especially the children of this and future generations.

To stay updated on news around the park, visit their website at http://www.bushwickinletpark.org/, and if you want details on the first unveil, visit our event page here.