The Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund

Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund(Image Credit: Screenshot of GCEF Website)

Sometimes tragedy can lead to a stronger community. Let us explain. Back in 2011, the state of New York received money from ExxonMobil as part of a settlement with the State over the infamous Greenpoint oil spill. The Attorney General’s Office and Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) worked together and used $19.5 million of this settlement to create an environmental fund in the Greenpoint area. With the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the North Brooklyn Development Corporation also on board, the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) was born.

The GCEF is an organization with the mission to fund projects that will address the overall environmental state of the Greenpoint community, and the Go Green: Brooklyn digital hub is a proud recipient of this fund (Click Here if you missed that story). The GCEF works in a way that is open and transparent, while promoting the engagement of the Greenpoint community itself. Throughout its existence, the GCEF has awarded $16.8 million in grants to 46 projects in the Greenpoint area- and leveraged another $37.6 million in matching contributions. That means, in around only 5 years, the GCEF has invested over $54 million towards the improvement of Greenpoint’s environment. This is a great feat! And there’s more work to be done to get Brooklyn to go green.

Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund(Image Credit: Screenshot from the GCEF website of successes)

GCEF exists to support local Greenpoint organizations that aspire to address environmental issues within the Greenpoint area. Since its inception, GCEF has funded dozens of local environmental success stories, partnering with high-profile organizations such as the National Audubon Society, the City Parks Foundation, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Research Foundation of CUNY, just to name a few.

You may not be aware, but there are recent renovations in our community that a GCEF funded project played a part. You know the restoration of McGorlick Park? Yup, a GCEF funded project. The construction of an environmental education and research center (known as the ED Shed) — the North Brooklyn Boat Club led that initiative. Without their help, many organizations may not of had resources to achieve their goals.

Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund

(Image Credit: Screenshot from the GCEF website of some of the funded projects)

It’s success stories like these that makes us excited to be working with the GCEF. With your help, we hope to continue GCEF’s tradition of bringing positive environmental change to the Greenpoint area. To learn more about all of GCEF’s funded projects, visit: Let’s keep the tradition and mission live by going green.